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The Moshiach Chidon

Learn Moshiach. Compete Moshiach. Bring Moshiach.

Will we have a Moshiach Chidon when Moshiach comes?

“Moshiach Chidon helped me put on "Geulah glasses", viewing the world the way the Rebbe does.

Moshe B,


"The Rebbe's Chiddushim on Hilchos Melech Hamoshiach blew me away!"

Levi F,


“I thought Techiyas Hameisim was an impossibly complex sugya, The Chidon taught me so much in such a short time!”

Mendel P,


The Moshiach Chidon is dedicated in loving memory of Mrs. Shevy Piekarski O.B.M.
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