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Following three tests and a final, the Yeshiva in Buenos Aires held a mini-chidon to choose their representative at the International Moshiach Chidon, slated to take place in Crown Heights on Gimmel Tammuz. The Yeshiva recently hosted its own Moshiach Chidon, a local qualifying round held this past Sunday. Following three tests and a final, the competition was devised to choose a representative for the Yeshiva at the International Moshiach Chidon, slated to take place in Crown Heights on Gimmel Tammuz. The chidon was efficiently organized by the Yeshiva’s shluchim, with significant assistance from the Yeshiva’s administration. Rabbi Berel Boymgarten, a respected mashpia, served as the judge for the mini chidon, contributing to the event’s tremendous success. Eleven bochurim participated in the mini Chidon: Shneur Zalman Avudraham, Menachem Mendel Benshimol, Menachem Mendel Levi, Menachem Mendel Wildau, Menachem Mendel Lapidos, Levi Yitzchak Nakeh, Menachem Mendel Shrogo, Azriel Bonuliel, Shneur Zalman Sfrentzick, Zev Dov Halperin, and Yair Rosenstein. Emerging victorious was Levi Nakeh, who was subsequently chosen to represent the Buenos Aires Yeshiva at the International Moshiach Chidon. The excitement continues to build as we anticipate the Grand Moshiach Chidon Banquet scheduled for next Thursday, on the eve of Gimmel Tammuz. To ensure the wider Jewish community can partake in this momentous occasion, the event will be live-streamed on The “Moshiach Chidon” is an engaging program that invites bochurim from Yeshivas worldwide to learn about and compete in Inyoni Moshiach and Geulah. The competition seeks to inspire a profound longing and desire for the arrival of the Moshiach, aligning with the teachings of the Rebbe, who propagated that this is the most direct, easy, and swift path to hasten his arrival.

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