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1600 bochurim take first Moshiach Chidon test + Winners announced

Last Thursday, over 1,600 bochurim from across the globe took the first Moshiach Chidon test.

After dedicating weeks of learning, reviewing and preparing for the test, the bochurim demonstrated an impressive level of knowledge and commitment to learning of Inyonei Geula and Moshiach.

The test covered the first booklet in the new curriculum provided by the Moshiach Chidon.

The participants' dedication and hard work paid off, as all the bochurim who passed the test were entered into an exciting raffle with dozens of sets of seforim as prizes.

Now, bochurim are eagerly learning the second booklet. The next test will take place on Tuesday 25 Iyar, and those who pass will be eligible to take the final test and ultimately join the Moshiach Chidon banquet in Crown Heights on Gimmel Tammuz.

The Moshiach Chidon organizers are thrilled with the success of the first test and hope that the continued learning and Koch in learning about Moshiach will give the Rebbe much nachas.

As we all know, the more we discuss and understand Moshiach and Geulah, the more we start living it, and the closer we are to bringing the ultimate Geula. May it be now!

The Winners:

Shulchan Aruch Habohir - Yehuda Lowenbein, Monsey

Likkutei Sichos Dovid Lison, Montreal

Mishnayos Kehati - Boruch Sandhouse, Oholei Torah

Sefer Hasichos 47-52 - Moshe Matusof, Pomona

Rambam Leam - Zalman Lew, Los Angles

Rambam Even Yisroel - Baruch Lavon, Connecticut

Piskei Teshuvos - Tzvi Kleinman, Toronto

Chumash Shai Lemora - Yehoshua Pinson, Kingston

Likkutei Diburim - Shmuel Danan, Bernoy

My Prayer - Avraham Greenberg, Coral Springs

Samarkand - Rafi Kortash, Toronto

Samarkand - Matti Weingarten, Wilkes Barre

Samarkand - Chaim Lubensky, Bernoy

Samarkand - Moshe Lang, Monsey

Samarkand - Nossen Gurarie, Oholei Torah

Biurim Liperkei Avos - Sholom Shilag, Queens

Biurim Liperkei Avos - Yaeir Rosenshain, Argentina

Biurim Liperkei Avos - Eli Tennenhaus, Miami

Biurim Liperkei Avos - Eli Palace, Cincinnati

Biurim Liperkei Avos - Mendel Alzem Bernoy

Hatomim - Tzvi Zalmanov, Westchester

Hatomim - Eitan BenYaacov, Parris

Hatomim - Eli Rosenfeld, New Haven

Hatomim - Mendel Lewis, London

Hatomim - Berel Stern, Melburne

Hamelech Bemisibo - Moshe Hornbacher, Darchei Menachem

Hamelech Bemisibo - Menachem Rosenstein, New Haven

Hamelech Bemisibo - Shmuel Nelkin, Chovevi Torah

Hamelech Bemisibo - Eli Steinmetz, Pomona

Hamelech Bemisibo - Chananya Gurarie, Toronto


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