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Have A Son in Mesivta? Find him at the Moshiach Chidon Seder Limud

On Wednesday night, Bochurim from 34 Yeshivos around the world united in a M0shiach Chidon learning initiative, demonstrating their commitment to promoting learning about Moshiach and fostering Achdus among yeshiva Bochurim worldwide. As the Rebbe said, Achdus between Chassidim will lead them towards the Geula.

Each yeshiva hosted their own Seder Limmud, studying from the brand new and comprehensive Moshiach curriculum offered by the Moshiach Chidon. The curriculum covered a wide range of topics, delving into everything one needs to know about Moshiach during our current Golus, from the reasons behind Hashem’s creation of the world, to the signs of his imminent arrival, and the actions we can take to hasten his coming.

This Moshiach learning initiative was a momentous and uplifting event that brought together yeshiva students from across the globe to study and learn about the arrival of Moshiach. The initiative demonstrated the incredible power of unity in working towards a shared objective. We hope the initiative will continue to expand and inspire even more Yeshivos to participate in this unique and inspiring learning experience.

In the accompanying pictures gallery, you can see the participating yeshivas as they learned and studied about Moshiach. May our learning and dedication to Moshiach hasten his arrival and the ultimate Geula.


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