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Starting today, bochurim from Yeshivos across the world are uniting together to learn about Moshiach, in compliance with the Rebbe’s directive of the quickest and most direct way to bring the Geulah.

The bochurim will be tested on the material in 3 sections, culminating with a grand Chidon Gameshow where finalists from each Yeshiva will compete on stage.

Additionally, there will be raffles on sets of seforim between all the participants after each test, along with an automatic prize for every bochur who excels and successfully completes the final!

Furthermore, any Yeshiva with at least 50% of its bochurim participating will enter a raffle for an exclusive item from the Rebbe. The prize will be raffled off solely among the bochurim of that particular participating Yeshiva.

As we anxiously await the arrival of Moshiach, the Moshiach Chidon serves as a remarkable opportunity for bochurim to enhance their comprehension of Moshiach and Geula.

May this initiative of uniting together bring about the hisgalus of Moshiach, with the bochurim – ‘der Rebbe’s kinder’ on the front lines!

A big thank you to the shluchim and hanhala in all the Yeshivos for arranging their yeshiva’s participati

on, motivating, assisting, and guiding their bochurim with learning and knowing these crucial topics.

Participating Yeshivos include: YTTL Antwerp Yeshivas Lubavitch Argentina Lubavitch Mesivta of Scottsdale Arizona Mesivta Lubavitch Baltimore Yeshivas Lubavitch Brazil Yeshiva Ketana Brunoy Chovevei Torah Yeshivas Lubavitch Cincinnati Mesivta Suffield Connecticut Mesivta of Coral Springs Darchei Menachem Hamesivta Ocean Parkway Mesivta D’Kingston Lubavitch Yeshiva Ketanah London Yeshivas Ohr Elchonon Chabad Los Angeles Oholei Yosef Yitzchok Manchester Mechina Levi Yitzchok Melbourne Mesivta of Melbourne Klurman Mesivta Miami Mesivta Lubavitch of Monsey Ateres Menachem Montreal Kerem Menachem Montreal Or Menachem Napierville New Haven Mesivta Oholei Torah Mesivta Lubavitch Yeshiva Paris Achei Temimim Pittsburgh Chayoli Beis Dovid Poconos Mayan Torah Pomona Yeshiva Beis Sholom Postville Yesihvas Tomchei Temimim Queens Yeshivas Lubavitch Toronto Ohr Tmimim Toronto Mesivta Menachem Westchester


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