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During the past 2 weeks, bochurim in Chabad Mesivtas worldwide have been learning and memorizing a fascinating Moshiach curriculum. The first set of raffles included a piece of the Rebbe’s table as a prize.

During the past 2 weeks, bochurim in Chabad Mesivtas worldwide have been learning and memorizing a fascinating Moshiach curriculum, based on the Rebbe’s explanations of the Rambam’s last 2 Perakim – Hilchos Melech HaMoshiach.

This week, more than 1,000 bochurim received the first test.

The Moshiach Chidon Program consists of another 2 tests and will conclude with a grand Chidon Gameshow in Crown Heights.

The first test ended with 25 amazing raffles between all the participants on sets of Seforim:

The winners are: Nitei Gavriel: Yakov Rodal – Toronto Hisva’aduios: Chanoch Pink – London Likkutei Sichos: Yakkov Bershevitzki – Cincinnati Rambam Leam: Mendel Cohen – Manchester Shulchan Aruch: Menachem Mendel Brownstein – Westchester Letters of the Rebbe: Shneur Zalman Heiningsfeld – Toronto Shiurim B’Sefer Tanya: Menachem Mendel Blenitzky – Westchester Shiurim B’Sefer Tanya: Y”Y Silberstein – Montreal Shiurim B’Sefer Tanya: Shmuli Glick – New Haven Biurim L’Pirkei Avos: Yakkov Salazar – Coral Springs Biurim L’Pirkei Avos: Dovid Yarmush – Toronto Biurim L’Pirkei Avos: M”M Levin – Kingston Samarkand: Schneur Grenat – Coral Springs Samarkand: Aharon Mendelson- Queens Samarkand: Liebel Eidelman – Queens Hatomim: M”M Horowitz- Westchester Hatomim: M”M Stolik – Queens Hatomim: M”M Tal – Kingston Yemos Hamoshiach: Shneur Zalman Avudraham – Argentina Yemos Hamoshiach: Shmuel Sheleg – Queens Yemos Hamoshiach: Yosef Deitch – Antwerp Inyano Shel Moshiach: Nochum Avtzon – Cincinnati Inyano Shel Moshiach: Yisroel Glick- Oholei Torah Inyano Shel Moshiach: Lior Duek – Argentina A Piece of the Rebbe’s table: Nososn Myers – Westchester

The participating Yeshivos include: YTTL Antwerp – Lubavitch Mesivta of Scottsdale Arizona – Yeshiva Ketana Brunoy – Chovevei Torah – Yeshivas Lubavitch Cincinnati – Mesivta of Coral Springs – Detroit Lubavitch Yeshiva – Mesivta D’Kingston – Mesivta Lubavitch London – Ohr Elchonon Chabad Los Angeles – OYY Manchester – YC Melbourne – The Monsey Mesivta – YTTL Moscow – Ateres Menachem Montreal – New Haven Mesivta – Oholei Torah Mesivta – Beis Sholom Postville – YTT Queens – Yeshivas Lubavitch Toronto – Ohr Tmimim Toronto – Mesivta Menachem Westchester A big Thank You to the Shluchim and Hanhala in all the Yeshivos for arranging their yeshiva’s participation, motivating, assisting, and guiding their bochurim with learning and knowing these crucial topics!

This unity of Bochurim worldwide learning the Sichos that hasten the Geula, will definitely bring the Hisgalus of Moshiach, may it be NOW!


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